Apostle Eri'Oluwa Pius Akindele Arogundade

Apostle Eri'Oluwa Pius Akindele Arogundade

Apostle Eri'Oluwa Pius Akindele Arogundade who hails from Oka Akoko in Ondo State Nigeria. One of the world’s young leading charismatic Bible teacher with the Apostolic mandate to deliver mankind from all manners of oppression and feeding them with Holy Spirit inspired messages. His messages offer simple insight into difficult issues while presenting an irrefutable plain truth that is both empowering and uplifting. A common thread within his messages is the assertion that every practicing bible believing Christian have the power to create the lives they desire to live because they have JESUS's DNA in them. His ministrations galvanizes people all over the world to move beyond complacency and walk in their God-given privileges and authority. He is the founding Pastor of Testimony Ministries South Africa. Testimony Ministries is devoted to the revival of apostolic signs and Holy Ghost fireworks through the power of God's Words. His Ministry worships at Forte High School, 1 Jonas Moabi Drive, Dobsonville, Soweto by 10am every Sunday and he can be contacted via email via piusrelating@yahoo.com. He is a published author who considers himself a perfectly imperfect vessel. He is married to Renee (Rametsi) Arogundade and they are blessed.

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easter-story-001Growing up till date, I have heard some Christians argued that the Celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord should not be called Easter since “Easter” seems to be linked to an old time goddess called “Eastre” or “Eostre”. So how come Easter is used for the Resurrection of the Lord – when the word “Easter” does not even appear anywhere in the Bible?

Astrlg-01Beloved, It's paradoxical for a Christian to believe in Zodiac Signs. Sadly, of all the social developments occurring, none reveals our spiritual poverty than the current devotion to astrology.


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spiritual-husbandIn a world where everything has been spiritualized ,it's not uncommon these days that most women problems like joblessness , no stable relationship, no marriage, examination failures, unproductive business on her part and the part of the husband, infertility, adulterous life, and her irreligiosity – are mostly linked to spiritual relationship to a certain spirit called the “SPIRIT HUSBAND ”.