Sunny-Unachukwu John

Sunny-Unachukwu John

Sunny-Unachukwu John is an avid reader and writer. A leader in the Nigerian community in South Africa and a seasoned community organiser. He is an advocate for immigrants assimilation in South Africa  and co-steers  an advocacy group- Immigrants Responsibility and Rights Projects (IRRP). He is passionate about Law, Politics, Social Justice and Pax Africana. He also loves literature, film and soccer.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015 10:07

Samuel Etoo FilsSamuel Eto'o Fils born 10 March 1981 to John Okwa, A Nigerian father of Igbo decent from Amasiri, Amuro in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State Nigeria and a Cameroonian mother. Little is known by many of the original nationality of the globally respected goal poacher who has played as a striker for notable soccer clubs worldwide but much is known of his unrivalled exploits in the soccer fields around the world.

Mrs Mokgadi OzokoyeHello Madam, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Anne Mokgadi Ozokoye, founder of Wives of Nigerians in Southern Africa (WONISA), owner of Events By leDiamante, HeadfirstSA, Stepahead publishers and Varity Magazine. I work full time at the Provincial Legislature; I have a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Milpark business School,

Radio Biafra logoThe past week has been awash with news about the ‘dangers’ posed by an anonymous Radio station broadcasting nationally from the South-East and South-South regions of Nigeria (regions of the defunct Republic of Biafra). The reach and popularity of the broadcasts has raised a lot of concern within the Nigerian security circles and in the polity as a whole.

GhanaianS going home after being kicked out in retaliation by Nigeria/BBCThere are many things one can accuse Nigeria of, but being xenophobic is not one. Since the ugly occurrences of violence against immigrants reared its head in South Africa, a lot of uninformed political commentators especially from South Africa have refrained from calling the disturbances what they really are and proffering solutions without trying to justify such actions by somehow drag Nigeria/ns into the mess by accusing them of having once expelled Ghanaians.

Presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Jacob ZumaNigeria-South Africa relationship has been a love-hate affairs and no one can deny that. Many have tried to understand the causative reasons for the ever-frosty relationship between the two African giant nations without much success.

officer-checking-passportThe recent wave of attacks on foreign elements in townships around South Africa’s Gauteng Province generated all manners of responses from government officials who were supposed to be protecting the constitutional rights of all peoples in the Republic, citizens and foreign nationals alike but rather decided to play politics with the unfortunate incidents.

Nigerian Consul General Opens Nigeria Union Gauteng office

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 00:00

Her Excellency the Consul General of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria -Amb Uche Ajulu Okeke opening Gauteng NUSA's officeNigerian Union Gauteng Branch, the Gauteng provincial branch of the apex organisation of Nigerians resident in South Africa caused a buzz today when they hosted Nigerian community leaders and citizens resident around Gauteng to a ceremony marking the official opening of its provincial office at the Maboneng district of Johannesburg.

The Rise of Nollywood Plus

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Saturday, 24 January 2015 21:39

akon-and-wyclefFrom its humble beginnings, it seems that the Nigerian film industry is ready to take the inevitable leap of meeting cinematic standards. 'Nollywood' as the Nigerian film industry is known , is a story about the resilience of the Nigerian spirit.

Nigerians Protest_at_the_Killing_of_Obinna_Cape_TownMost would agree that South Africa’s miraculous emergence from the brink of anarchy and chaos post-apartheid was largely due to effective policing by the South African Police Services (SAPS).

In the mid to late 90’s , yours sincerely happened to be a denizen of the (in)famous Hillbrow  in Johannesburg when criminals from every land and clime ran amok perpetrating all manners of crime from, mugging to murder , kidnapping to carjacking and all worth not in Jozi and other cities in South Africa.

Saarah Baatman__Modern_day_African_VenusI happened to be in the company of Danish friend and his wife who was visiting me in Johannesburg. On our sightseeing outing at the northern suburbs of the city, I could see my poor friend’s eye light up in elation at every street corner. Firstly, I thought that he may have been seeing gold on the pavements of the golden city . However when his wife kept smacking him on the head at every turn, I realized that his eyes were not searching for any precious metals but was straying to the voluptuous backside of most of the females passing bye.