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Dr. Chima Matthew and The Autumn SistersEmergency room physician, Dr. Chima Matthew was treating Autumn Moses for strep throat at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, when he sensed that her two young sisters were feeling worried.

Saturday, 18 April 2015 16:09

Trevor Noah on Boko Haram

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Trevor NoahWatch South South Africa's acclaimed comic and replacement of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show -Trevor Noah cleverly and comically enlighten the world on the need to pay adequate attention to events on the African continent using Boko Haram's massacres at Baga North Eastern Nigeria as an example.

south africansA video has emerged on social media showing Mozambicans peacefully sending South Africans packing in reaction to the on-going zenophobic attacks in South Africa. It was gathered by that the South Africans seen been expelled in the video were innocent workers and expats whose legitimate work abroad has been jeopadised by the senseless violence meted out to Mozambicans and other African nationals in South Africa.

cop-shooting-unarmedWatch the video of a South Carolina police officer who has has been charged with murder of an unarmed blackman claiming that he feared for his life.

However a video has surfaced that appears to show him shooting the unarmed man who was running away multiple times killing him.

Pakistani-beatingSANigerians Magazine obtained a video making rounds on the Internet of a burglar caught on camera robbing a Pakistani owned shop at Cape Town. In the video, the thief was caught red handed on a CCTV breaking in and stealing from the shop without knowing that e was being watched from behind the scene of the crime by the shop owner.

SABC News crew member being mugged.South African news reporter Vuyo Mvoko was mugged by two men in full view of the camera while preparing for a live cross outside a Johannesburg hospital.

gunman-01A Johannesburg service station last week fell victim to an armed robbery. Nothing surprising in that, right?

This particular heist was different. It’s not everyday that you hear or read about an armed robbery by a white person in the country.

Sunday, 25 January 2015 18:51

How To Remove Ring Stuck On Finger

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ring fingerWatch full video on how ro remove ring stuck on a finger using a piece of string.

Stefano-OkakaNigerian Italian Stefano Okaka scored a late goal on his debut to give Italy a 1-0 win over Albania in a friendly on Tuesday as they remained unbeaten in six games since the World Cup.

Whiteman-and-blackman-brawlAn amatuer video captured near an ATM at the Cape Quarters in Cape Town, shows a heated argument followed by a brawl between two men one white and the other black.