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Nigerians Protest_at_the_Killing_of_Obinna_Cape_TownMost would agree that South Africa’s miraculous emergence from the brink of anarchy and chaos post-apartheid was largely due to effective policing by the South African Police Services (SAPS).

In the mid to late 90’s , yours sincerely happened to be a denizen of the (in)famous Hillbrow  in Johannesburg when criminals from every land and clime ran amok perpetrating all manners of crime from, mugging to murder , kidnapping to carjacking and all worth not in Jozi and other cities in South Africa.

Saarah Baatman__Modern_day_African_VenusI happened to be in the company of Danish friend and his wife who was visiting me in Johannesburg. On our sightseeing outing at the northern suburbs of the city, I could see my poor friend’s eye light up in elation at every street corner. Firstly, I thought that he may have been seeing gold on the pavements of the golden city . However when his wife kept smacking him on the head at every turn, I realized that his eyes were not searching for any precious metals but was straying to the voluptuous backside of most of the females passing bye.

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