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BokoHaramLeader-YusufIt is indeed very absurd for one to make the assertion that Boko Haram should be viewed as the victim in the strife and mayhem currently engulfing the North East of Nigeria. It is even more perplexing for one to entirely insinuate that President Goodluck Jonathan should be held responsible for the resultant outcomes of the aforementioned.

Sunrise-SA-Ambassador1The Republic of South Africa High Commission’s Consul General, Ambassador Amb. Mokgethi Monaisa has expressed the need for a violence-free and credible elections come February 14, 2015 in Nigeria.

hardship…So that the audience do not move. One has to sit tight, be vigilant with shiny eyes, follow the drama and determine at what point it turns to a theatre of incongruity. And if JEGA does not become the umpire, faith should still be kept like the rock. Nothing has happened yet to tilt us to suspicion.

Mr.-Femi-Falana-01By causing the postponement of the general elections, the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and the military chiefs have plotted a coup against the Nigerian constitution, radical lawyer, Femi Falana, has said.

Chukwuma-Soludo-021I read some of the responses to my article, “Buhari vs Jonathan: Beyond the Election”, and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the debate. I am glad that the debate has finally taken off. I have decided, for the record, to re-enter the debate if only to set some records straight and hopefully elevate the debate further.

Dr.-Obiageli-Ezekwesili-and-Dr.-Ngozi-Okonjo-Iweala01Twitter has been agog since “Madame due process” Mrs Oby Ezekwesili lent her voice to the current Brouhaha surrounding the article credited to the former Central Bank Governor of Nigeria Mr. Charles. Soludo. This was necessitated by the counter utterances made by the Nigerian Minister of Finance Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,.

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2015 and Nigeria

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Nigeria-Breaking-upIt is ironical that instead of celebrating the birth of a nation and a shared destiny, there are latent fears that the “mistake of 1914″ may manifest in the break-up of the country in 2015, a year after the centenary date.

Souls of_the_Departed


(Dedicated to those that Departed from SCOAN’s Building Collapse)

They who’re dead aren’t dead;

Our sight – full of blind vision – is the one that shuns long journeys,

UNWISA at_ANCWL_FunctionOn 17th of February, 2013 a new struggle was born in South Africa. It was the founding of ‘United Nigerian Wives in South Africa (UNWISA)’ – a union of South African women who are legitimately married to Nigerian citizens living in South Africa. A growing boil – painful and dangerous – on the body-politics of South Africa seems to have called for the conception and delivery of this union.

But, the key vision of UNWISA is to further the strides of freedom and justice so that all who live in South Africa shall enjoy equal treatment before the law irrespective of their sex, or creed, or origin, or race, or tongue, or colour. And UNWISA is sworn to go to the ends of the earth in order to make this vision the reality of everyday life in South Africa.

Winnie-Madikizela-MandelaLook at it, how low we have brought ourselves. Nigeria simply put, could not deal decisively with a group of idiots causing mayhem in market places that called themselves Boko Haram and have invited foreign imperialist to come and help. And docile Nigerians are now clapping their hands and breathing a sigh of relieve. The reason for our inability is nothing more than cumulative greed of our leaders tens of years ago till date. They could not see beyond their nose because of political greed, corruption and good life.

Say-no-to xenophobiaA well publicized news which emanated from a Johannesburg based news organization CAJ (Centre for African Studies) and republished unchanged/unverified by News24 claiming that Nigerians living in South Africa last weekend demanded that they be allowed a vote in South Africa’s upcoming elections. sensing that such baseless report must have been published by a section of the South African press who a sworn to ensure that Nigeria and Nigerians living in South Africa never gets any good publicity in the media, decided to investigate such allegations crafted to subtly generate xenophobic reactions against Nigerians in South Africa as untrue and unlike Nigerians.

Thabo MbekiThe full transcript of Thabo Mbeki’s lecture at UNISA delivered on 23 August 2013 below:

Thabo MbekiI HAD thought that you had started yesterday, but I was told only when I arrived here 15 minutes ago that actually you didn’t. I hope that doesn’t signify that as Africans we are always late.

We had agreed that I would speak at the opening of your symposium, because I had to go to Zimbabwe yesterday to participate at the ceremony of the inauguration of President Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe, I’m told that this was the seventh as President and more if you include his Prime Minister-ship.

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