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The Abysmal Fall of Buhari

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President Buhari The African Union Summit January 2018 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia was concluded with a theme “Fighting Corruption”

The newly elected African Union ‘AU’ Chairperson Paul Kagame the Rwandan President said “Africa must emulate president Buhari’s fight against corruption. It’s a cankerworm that must be destroyed”

The above statement came soon after Buhari was appointed the Anti Corruption Champion by his fellow continental cronies who more or less the same with their clueless ineptitude. Just look at Kenya with two presidents for you to understand what I mean.

Quick reactions by African academics and sound professionals to the appointment of Buhari was summed up as “sense of irony”

This must be a joke, they retorted vehemently. African joke of the year they added.

You cannot have Buhari who has condoned, benefitted, encouraged and participated in corruption in Nigeria within the past two years since he has been in power. This is in addition to his response to herdsmen who brandish AK-47 assault weapons without a license and have indeed murdered innocent people, raped, maimed, ravaged communities.

How can such a man be made the Anti Corruption Champion of the AU?. He must have bent his head in shame, albeit being a shameless man and a failure amongst his peers and contemporaries.

The abysmal fall of Buhari is only just beginning and deservedly so, from the tip of the African Continent. Who knows how far down he is going to fall – bottomless.


Austin Okeke writes from South Africa

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Austin Okeke

Austin Okeke is a Johannesburg based Attorney and social commentator.