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Nigerian national allegedly mudered by SA Police in the Vaal

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The deceased Ibrahim BadmusYet another Nigerian national has become the latest victim of the high number of Nigerians who die controversially in the hands of the South African Police annually. The victim identified as Ibrahim Badmus was allegedly killed at his home at Vanderbijlpark triangle by members of the South African Police Services (SAPS), according to Nigerian witnesses. 

The young man’s house was raided by the police operatives who reportedly handcuffed him and used excessive pepper spray on him covering his face with a plastic bag before he passed out and died due to suffocation.

The situation became tense when members of the Nigerian community in the Vaal outraged by the death of their compatriot gathered around the scene of the incident to demand why the deceased was murdered in such a gruesome manner. Policemen took control of the area to control the tense situation. This incident occurred barely weeks after a Nigerian was reported dead at Springs Town near Johannesburg, one week after another was also killed in KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa.

While South Africa has a professional Police Service that respects the rule of law, murders in South Africa involving Nigerians in the hands of Rogue elements in the Police are rife and are seldom properly investigated due to the joint Police and South African Press’s disposition to allege that killings of Nigerians in the hands of the Police are either ‘Drug-related’ or are ‘deaths as a result of drug overdose’ all in the guise to exonerate rogue police actions.


Often times police use cruel tactics of covering the victim’s face with plastic bags and spraying tear gas or pepper into it to torture victims to submission. This method has become the cause of death of most Nigerians killed by the police in South Africa


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