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SE/SS Group takes Buhari to task on perceived unfairness and bias

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President Muhammadu BuhariA group known as South-east South-south Professionals of Nigeria (SESSPN) has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to be fair to all Nigerians irrespective of the geopolitical zone they come from.

SESSPN is a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) which primary aim is to promote good governance and rapid, sustainable and inclusive development in the 11 states of South-east and South-south geopolitical zones.

The group in statement signed by its president Emeka Ugwu-Oju and General Secretary Dagogo Karibi-Whyte, reminded the President that SESSPN is very desirous of his success in governing Nigeria, adding “We will play our role in supporting your nascent administration in realising its lofty policy objectives.”

The statement said: “We wish to bring to your attention some acts of commission or omission of your new administration, which, if not checked immediately may end up alienating a great majority of people in the South-east and South-south zones.

According to the group, “A recent remark by your Excellency while being interviewed at the institute of Peace, Washington D.C. by Ambassador Johnnie Carson, former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Whilst responding to question regarding the Niger Delta, Your Excellency stated, inter alia ‘the states that voted 97 per cent for me will be treated differently from those that voted five per cent for me.”

And based on the outcome of the last presidential election, SESSPN said the people of the South-east and South-south zones will of course be classified as those that voted five per cent for the President.

Further, the group also frowned on the unabated threats to illegally remove Senator Ike Ekweremadu as the elected Deputy Senate President.

“We believe that Senator Ekweremadu’s colleagues saw an opportunity to have a qualified candidate from the South-east zone elected to the position of the Deputy Senate President in the overriding national interest; taking into cognisance the current state of the nation.

“The key appointment so far made by your administration in major national institutions such as the armed forces and other security agencies virtually excluded Nigerian nationals of South-east and South-south extraction,” it added. The group, however, said this ought not to be the direction. According to it, “We are indeed surprised that the change mantra of Mr. President, which had buoyed the hopes of majority of Nigerians that things would be done differently in the new dispensation, appears already stymied in the needless controversy that does not augur well for the future of our democracy.”

- Vanguard

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