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Zain Asher CNN News AnchorHer outstanding work in TV shows has got her fame and money. She is one of the most talented financial reporters in the town and her natural skills in presenting have won million of hearts already. She is none other than the very talented yet very down to earth Zain Asher.

She was born on the 27th of August 1983. At a young age she has already achieved everything she would have ever dreamed of and is currently living her dream life. She has been a very successful financial news reporter and her outstanding work has won her a lot of appreciation. Born into a Nigerian-British family of Igbo Stock, her parents are Arinze Ejiofor and Obiajulu Ejiofor and the acclimed Oscar nominee actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is her sibling.

She was a very talented person from her childhood. She went to the very popular Oxford University to complete her graduation in the field of French and Spanish. She did not settle with one degree and went to another university to get a different one. She decided to get another degree in the year 2005 as she was graduated that year from Oxford. In the year 2006 she graduated in the field of journalism from Columbia University.

Zain is a news anchor at CNN International based in Atlanta. She currently co-anchors CNN Newsroom, weekdays from 12-2am on CNN International, and at 1am ET on CNN America. Previously, Zain was a CNN business correspondent based in New York City.In addition to financial reporting for CNN, she also had a monthly column in Money Magazine.

Prior to joining CNN in February 2013, Asher was a full-time reporter for Money, where she wrote personal finance articles.She was also was a TV reporter at News 12 Brooklyn, reporting from Brooklyn, the Bronx and Connecticut.

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