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Outrageous: Watch Video of American Cop shooting an unarmed black man multiple times in the back

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cop-shooting-unarmedWatch the video of a South Carolina police officer who has has been charged with murder of an unarmed blackman claiming that he feared for his life.

However a video has surfaced that appears to show him shooting the unarmed man who was running away multiple times killing him.

Note the altercation started from a simple traffic matter. Officer Michael Slager pulled over Walter Scott in a routine road checks and executed him in cold blood for reasons that are not very clear.

The rate of killings of unarmed African Americans by law enforcement agents has reached an alrming rate.

Some even suggest that it has become a sick sport among American racist law enforcements to shoot blacks.

It is really a shame that for a country that claims to protect the rights of people globally cannot proctect the rights of a section of its own citizenry.

Watch video below

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