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Michael Jackson's Ivorian Tribe gave him a 'Royal Burial'

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Michael Jackson visited Krindjabo, an Ivory Coast village 1992 Photo: AFP/GETTYVillagers deep in the Ivory Coast rainforest have launched a search for a successor to Michael Jackson who was crowned prince of the Agni people 17 years ago.

The tribe held an extravagant royal funeral for Mr Jackson over two days. Traditional dancers and lookalikes of the dead singer paraded before King Amon N'Douff V and 2,000 people.

Tribal chiefs appealed to the US embassy to press Mr Jackson's family to bring his body to the west African country for a burial in accordance with local tradition of the Sanwi kingdom.

The request was turned down.

Mr Jackson toured the village of Krindjabo in 1992, where chiefs reportedly revealed that DNA tests and mystic messages confirmed that the singer was descended from the royal Sanwi line.

He was declared a prince with the royal title of Prince Michael Jackson Amalaman Anoh.

"We asked for the body - it's for us," Emmanuel Kassy Kofi, organiser of the funeral on Saturday and Sunday, told the BBC.

"It was Michael Jackson himself who tested his DNA and said it'd be good to find his family. The King also recognised certain signs that he was part of the dynasty. And the royal seat that the king's sitting on - Michael Jackson sat on it too."

Krindjabo lies deep in the tropical rainforest in the southeast of Ivory Coast.

Most people survive by subsistence farming or hand-panning for gold.

After Mass on Sunday, the entire village gathered on a football pitch in the village centre, which had been ringed by tents for the day's ceremonies.

Hawkers sold t-shirts printed with pictures of Michael Jackson and slogans reading "Krindjabo weeps for you, the Sanwi will never forget you".

King N'Douff V was due to elect a successor to take the place of the dead pop star, but the rite was postponed after no clear candidate emerged.

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