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REPORT:Nigeria Union Gauteng's elections

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The National President of NUSA voting at the electionsNigeria Union South Africa (NUSA) Gauteng Branch held its Provincial electoral congress on Saturday (7th March 2015) At the Consulate General of Nigeria’s office Illovo, Johannesburg. It drew delegates from the Union’s ward branches in the Gauteng regions who all arrived avenue on time to wait for accreditation.

Following the accreditation, business of the commenced in typical Nigerian fashion with prayers and commitments of the event into the hands of the Devine, followed by a rousing rendition of the Nigerian national anthem.

Proceedings started with the introduction of the ‘who-is-who’ in the organisation and ushering them to the ‘high table’. The National President of NUSA Hon. Ike Anyene who was present together with the interim leadership of NUSA Gauteng Province and some members of the Board of Trustee of the organisation addressed the congress. He expressed satisfaction with the high turnout of delegates to the elections which showed a remarkable improvement in the affairs of the Union at the provincial levels. He also commended the interim executives of NUSA in Gauteng for successfully steering the affairs of the organisation up till the elections on the one hand and also expressed satisfaction with NUSA’s Electoral Commission led by Hon. Nimrod Long for ensuring that all logistical readiness for the exercise was put in place, on the other hand.

The President General advised on allowing the electoral process to outplay itself and for members of the union to ensure unity no matter outcomes of the polls. He furthermore demanded good conduct of all delegates on the day, saying that a ‘no-victor-no-vanquished’ attitude must be adopted by contestants and their supporters during the whole electoral exercise.

ward ngr

 Delegates from different wards of NUSA Gauteng


The electoral process commenced by the procedural dissolution of the interim leadership as constitutional stipulated by the Union’s statutes and declaration of the elections as 'on' by the Electoral Commission’s Chairman.

The office positions for contestation were announced from the lowest to the highest offices as follows; The Protocol Officer III, Protocol Officer II. Protocol Officer I, Publicity Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary General, Vice President and President.

The contestants for the positions were called upon to address the delegates and make cases why their candidacy should be supported. In turn, delegates were allowed to ask the contestants questions. Most of the questions bothered on capacity and capability of the contestants to serve the community, issues like - ensuring consular assistance for citizens and general welfare were most prominent.

Some contestants making cases for their candidacy to delagates

Some of the contestants making cases for their election


Remarkable points in the contestants’ speeches were firstly, Mr. Trust Owoyele (who was running for the Vice-Presidency) highlighted the needs to ensuring that participation in the Union’s affairs reflected Nigeria’s cultural diversity in terms of delegation and official representation in subsequent congresses and he pledged to ensure that the task would be achieved under his stewardship if he emerged as the Vice-President. Secondly, the speech by the only female contestant in the process- Anastasia Amadi who highlighted the importance of her constituency (women) and harnessing their capacities in building a viable NUSA. Lastly, the sole contestant for the Presidency, the ‘tech-savvy’ Mr. Mathew Okafor who also made a highly satisfactory manifesto presentation based mostly on the usage of his IT skills garnered from his years of services at reputable companies in Corporate South Africa, to create opportunities that citizens can tap into for meaningfully development of themselves and to ensure better services for Nigerian citizens in the Province.

In general, the process went smoothly with the delegates taking turns to cast their votes and the Electoral Commission transparently counting the votes and declaring winners of the contested positions.

Mr. Mathew Okafor won the coveted position of the President of NUSA Gauteng and was duly sworn in by the National President-General of NUSA together with other winners of the other contested offices.He tasked them to ensure successful stewardship of office in their tenures.

The observers who were drawn from independent formations in the community certified the process as transparent.

Please read ‘NUSA Gauteng’s elections 2015: winners and winners’ for full details of winners in of all the contested positions, new NUSA officers list and a photo gallery of the elections. is the most read Nigerian publication in South Africa today reaching thousands of readers all over South Africa and the world daily. Please freely ‘like’ our website, ‘tag’, ‘tweet’ and ‘share’ our stories and news.


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