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Your date of birth has nothing to do with your destiny! A Christian Look at Astrology

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Astrlg-01Beloved, It's paradoxical for a Christian to believe in Zodiac Signs. Sadly, of all the social developments occurring, none reveals our spiritual poverty than the current devotion to astrology.

It's saddening to see how uncritically this foolish belief has been accepted by top leaders and even some Pastors. How ridiculous it is to believe that our success are predetermined by the position of the stars on the day of our birth.It is suicidal or anyone to use this as a determinant factor in choosing his/her future partner. It's like building a mansion on ice. There is not a scrap of scientific evidence to support the validity of illogical astrology/ Zodiac signs.

It might interest you to know that it was an all-knowing astrologist who advised Hitler to attack Russia-his biggest mistake. In 1960, the world's astrologers announced that the worst combination of planetary influences in 25,000 years would occur.But nothing happened.

Often at times,when astrological advice is broadcast, a disclaimer goes simultaneously with it.Yet millions consult horoscope for daily wisdom.

Astrology is not only mythological nonsense, but it is dangerous to those who accept it's tenets. It offers a dangerous substitute for rational judgement & wisdom. It is as suicidal as determining one's destiny by the flip of a fickle coin. And painfully, astrology's naive believer exchanges his better judgement, common senses, intelligence and experience for a "know-all-tell-all" pulp newspaper of forecast.

I made a list of 'evil' people, then went to find out their astrological sign.It's a catalogue of inaccuracies. Here is a list of few of them:
Osama bin Laden Pisces; March 10 1957, Tsarnaev July 22, Julius Caesar - July 13 - Cancer ,Napoleon - August 15 - Virgo ,Jeffrey Dahmer - May 21 - Gemini ,Hitler - April 20 - Taurus, Francisco Franco - December 4 - Sagittarius, Benito Mussolini - July 29 Leo. 

The inaccuracies in the share of zodiac signs of the aforementioned "evil people" confirms the baselessness of Zodiac signs! Friends, Zodiac sign like superstition, is the worm that exudes from the grave of a dead faith. Millions are believers of this religion-Astrology because it imposes no moral obligation on it's followers. All that is required of Zodiac sign believers is to read and believe the words of its self-chosen priest in the newspaper, or pay few dollars for a super significant,individualized horoscope ,autographed personally by an IBM computer lol .

I am vocal against this today because people need to know that Devil is the real force behind the current astrological interest. Besides, the aforestated viewpoint on Astrology isn't merely mine but that of almighty God Himself as presented in His ever accurate and consistent Holy word. Don't act like the people who make horoscopes& try to read their fate and future in stars! Don't be scared of such predictions, it's lies- Jeremiah 10:1-3. In fact, Isaiah 47:12-15 puts it better " ....But they (astrologers & star-gazers) are useless as dried burning grass in the fire" I am vocal against this today because people need to know that Devil is the real force behind the current astrological interest.

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