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spiritual-husbandIn a world where everything has been spiritualized ,it's not uncommon these days that most women problems like joblessness , no stable relationship, no marriage, examination failures, unproductive business on her part and the part of the husband, infertility, adulterous life, and her irreligiosity – are mostly linked to spiritual relationship to a certain spirit called the “SPIRIT HUSBAND ”.

I saw on a post online if there is such a  thing like “Spirit Spouse”. Is this a Reality or a Myth?

Here's the thing, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Eph 6:12)

Because this is a spiritual experience, it takes some sort of faith to believe the existence of such, and care not to inflict on oneself what is not there – and yet the person involved ought to know if she/he has such spiritual relationship which is mostly experienced during sleep. Many people have read through the common Bible and they couldn’t find anything of such or such term used in the Bible. However, reading through the Complete Bible known as Jerusalem Bible which is usually called Catholic Bible gives an indication. The Book of Tobit Chapters 6 to 8 express this phenomenon very clearly about Sarah the daughter of Raguel, who had been married seven times. Each of the husband died the very night of their marriage being killed by the “Spirit Husband” who would forbid anyone to marry Sarah but would not harm her because the Spirit Husband loves her (Tob 6:14-16). Apart from this passage, there is no other place in the Bible. In all the cases of deliverance that Jesus dealt with in the Bible, there was no single case of “Spirit Husband”. The Apostles reported no such encounter and of course the early Christian certainly did not combat such spirits. Why is it so much talked about today especially in Africa? Is it because the Spirit Husband of Sarah ran to Egypt (In Africa) before Raphael caught him? (Tobit 8:3).

The experience of “Spirit Husband” or “Spirit Wife” may take different experiences depending on the “Spirit” and the person involved.
- The Spirit may have open relations with the person in which case one experiences constant visit of a particular figure of a person during sleep (in dreams). Sometimes, this Spirit may engage in romantic discussion, sexual relations, or may never say a word or do a thing. But the person involved may,and may not be fully aware of this “strange” visit almost every night. This may include consistent dreaming of children one never had in a real world or other dreams with strange attachment.

- This Spirit may be a distant admirer who becomes “possessive” of the person – never got in contact with the person and yet gets angry at anyone who intrudes. In this situation, the Spirit may intrude into every relationship entered into by the person; never making the relationship work and ready to harm other intruder – like the case of Sarah (Tobit 6-8) and in other cases,just cause those people to misbehave to the hatred of the person involved.

However, while the two instances can occur – it will be a monumental error of over-generalization to think that every problem one encounters is as a result of one’s Spirit Husband or Spirit Wife. You can imagine a very pretty lady with very bad attitude while her beauty attracts men who may want to marry her; her bad attitude will surely drive them away. Or a very brilliant and dedicated man who equally is fond of stealing; while the employer may one to keep him because he is brilliant, his stealing behavior will always make him lose his jobs. Or infertility as a result of low-sperm count or no-sperm count.

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious. (1 Pet 3:3_4; Prov 31:30-31)

Our attitude to want to blame someone else for our misdeeds like Adam would blame Eve and Eve blaming the Devil (Gen 3:11-13) (I don’t know who the Devil will blame) is promoting this idea of demonizing everything; making people not to be responsible for their actions even when one has been warned not to take a particular action because of the consequences like in the case of Cain (cf Gen 4:7). Though the issue of “Spirit Husband/wife” is not void of reality, it is mostly mythicized, mystified and magnified by some Churches’ spirituality which in my opinion encourages people to live in fear in one hand and draw them to Jesus who constantly says – do not be afraid – on the other hand. And of course a way to sometimes extract money from people. It’s a strategy of evangelization/evangelism which makes people helpless, irresponsible and powerless; unconsciously bonding them more to fear while promising liberation – what a contradiction!!!

Checking around the world, the “Spirit Husband/Wife” issue seems to occur in some non-Christian religious and cultural practices with no negative connotation rather a spiritual experience/relationship through dreams which brings fortunes; Christians across the world almost had no such experience; however a Christian or Muslim African considers such experience as a misfortune which requires deliverance.

One’s thought, belief, education, and environment influence what one’s reality is; in that one may experience as real what is unreal. Also while it is not impossible to have spiritual influences/manipulations/possession, man – in most cases – is the source of his own problem. Make no mistake as Christians, the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world (1Jn 4:4). Any evil spirit cannot possess what God himself possesses (cf James 4:7-8).

How then can one know he/she has "Spiritual Husband/Wife"?
What is the way out?

From religious/spiritual point of view, “Spirit Husband/Wife” is a reality; yet it appears more as a myth or fiction from the ancient time. One of such fictitious Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife are Incubus (male) and Succubus (female) which appears in dreams and takes the nature of human person.
However take note of the following:
- Having sexual relations in a dream is not enough indication of having “Spirit Husband/Wife”
- Having a wet dream is natural thus not an indication of relationship with a spirit.
- Dreaming of having children is not uncommon to those who love children.
- Not having stable relationship may have something to do with your personality/attitude rather than spiritual attack
- Not having children in your marriage is more biological than spiritual
- Having misfortunes or problems in life is just natural to human beings.
- Being promiscuous can be an effect of being abused or your own choice; and possibility of being spiritually possessed.
- Having a bad behavior is not an indication of possession – Judas, we know, was a thief yet an apostle – Jesus never saw him as possessed and He never performed deliverance on him (cf Jn 12:4-6).
- There is difference between Temptation and Possession.
- James and John were sons of thunder (ancestral thing) – Jesus did not perform any deliverance on them; yet he rebuked their attitude (cf Mk 3:17; Lk 9:54-55).
- Be careful not to let someone speak the Spirit Husband/Wife into you. Your search for the source and solution to your problem make you very vulnerable to believing that you are possessed.
- Having Spiritual relationship (with God) is healthy.
Note that “The foolish are deceived by vain and false hopes; dreams give them wings. To rely on dreams is like grasping a shadow or chasing the wind…. Divinations, omens and dreams are empty like the fantasies of a woman in labor. Unless they come as messengers of the Most High, do not pay attention to them. For dreams have led many people astray. Those who hoped in them have fallen” (Sirach 34:1-2,5-7).

- Your life is contrary to the Gospel
- Your Dream experience is connected to your Real Life experience
- The visit is constant, personal, and interactive.
- The influence is directive and affective; that is, Bad things happen to anyone who is in relationship with you
- Your spirit husband/wife supports you and makes things happen for you at ease.

- Strong personal decision to break up the relationship
- Repent of your sins and be baptized (Be delivered)
- Allow God to direct your ways; Walk in the path of the Gospel
And Jesus Christ will give you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; nothing will ever harm you (Lk 10:19)
Read these prayerfully - Ps 91; Mk 16:18; Jn 17:12; Rom 16:19-20; Ez 2:5-7; Lk 12:4)
I pray for you and with you, the power that delivered Sarah will deliver anyone under this spell. Feel free to contact me. Be blessed!

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