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Nigerian Consul General Opens Nigeria Union Gauteng office

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Her Excellency the Consul General of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria -Amb Uche Ajulu Okeke opening Gauteng NUSA's officeNigerian Union Gauteng Branch, the Gauteng provincial branch of the apex organisation of Nigerians resident in South Africa caused a buzz today when they hosted Nigerian community leaders and citizens resident around Gauteng to a ceremony marking the official opening of its provincial office at the Maboneng district of Johannesburg.

Her Excellency the Consul General of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria -Amb Uche Ajulu Okeke was the special guest at the opening and did the honors of officially opening the office for business. .

On welcoming attendees to the function, the interim President of the Union Mr. Mathew Ugochukwu Okafor expressed a feeling of joy and fulfillment at seeing the project of having a functional office to cater for the need of Nigerians in Gauteng come to fruition.

The Consul General addressed a visibly elated members of the union on congratulating them on ensuring that they realized their goal of having a functional office and pledged support for the project, which she tagged ‘A citizen’s extension of the Consulate’.

Among some the functions she would like the Union to be discharging on behalf of the Consulate are: Collection and submission of ITC document for citizens, liaising with the Union’s office for periodic visits for data capturing of citizens who want to procure passports.

She also cautioned the officers that will staff the office to be moderate on levying fees on citizens for services. She also demanded a high degree of decorum and discipline from them so as to enable the Consulate vouch and stand up for them against any persons or authorities while discharging their legal duties to Nigerian citizens. Amb. Ajulu Okeke also made a donation of a photocopier machine and a television set for use in the office.

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The National President of the Union, Hon. Ike Anyene while commending the union’s provincial branch’s accomplishments, also spoke on unity amongst the provincial leadership of the union. He used the occasion to thank the Consul General who he says has been supportive of his organisation’s quests. Citing her recent declaration of an amount of R2500 (Two thousand five hundred Rands) as the official amount that the Consulate would avail for the repatriation/burial of any deceased citizen as commendable. He also spoke on the need for the consulate to assist the union in realizing its ID card project for all Nigerian citizens resident in South Africa. Amb Okeke in her response noted that she would liaise more vigorously with the Union to see that the project of properly documenting Nigerians is realized as it would assist the Consulate in enumerating and keeping the records of the number of Nigerians in South Africa. She said that that drive is within the statutory duties of the Consulate General hence will get her support.

The Consul General in another noteworthy digression, made mention of her intention to convert the old Consulate building at Bolton Road ,Saxonwold into a cultural centre where non-Nigerian spouses and children of Nigerians in South Africa can go during weekends to learn  Languages and customs of their spouses and families.

At the close of the event, SANigerians Online Magazine went around sampling the opinions of some citizens who were at the opening ceremony. Most gave positive and satisfactory comments about the new Consul General describing her as ‘very close to the people’ and ‘in tune with the yearnings of citizens’. Citing her predecessors as ‘locking themselves off from the citizens they were meant to cater for’. Whether such compliments heaped on the new Consul would remain positive is a matter of time. The guess of many keen observers is to keep on watching.

The New Nigerian Union Gauteng Branch’s office is located at Suite 302 C, 3rd Floor, The Main Change Building, 20 Kruger Street, Corner Main and Kruger Streets, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg 



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