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The Rise of Nollywood Plus

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akon-and-wyclefFrom its humble beginnings, it seems that the Nigerian film industry is ready to take the inevitable leap of meeting cinematic standards. 'Nollywood' as the Nigerian film industry is known , is a story about the resilience of the Nigerian spirit.

Without funding and support of financial and governmental establishment, the pioneers against many odds managed to build a multi billion dollar industry which is envy of many Nations. Nollywood’s secret for rising swiftly lies in the fact that it filled the gapping space for authentic African stories that the West could not properly tell and it managed to tell those stories to millions of Africans and non-Africans who wanted alternative source of information and entertainment.

Nollywood's rise was driven by African streets; the restless Nigerian youth staffed the industry from writers, actors to designers and marketers. However, further growth in terms of tweaking its production to meet international sound and visual qualities has been the bane of its growth.

Nigerian young filmmakers are stepping up to the challenge making films of international standards. Many are leaving in droves to study film in top Western Universities. Jeta Amata represents this new breed of young Nigerian filmmakers and his upcoming film 'Black November' typifies the answer to that challenge of meeting up with international sound and visual qualities.

Starring international stars like Mickey Rouke, Vivica Fox, Kim Bassinger, Akon, Wyclef and a host of other Nollywood top actors. One would be safe to declare that Nollywood is about to take on other ‘Woods’. We are about to witness the rise of Nollywood plus!



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Sunny-Unachukwu John

Sunny-Unachukwu John is an avid reader and writer. A leader in the Nigerian community in South Africa and a seasoned community organiser. He is an advocate for immigrants assimilation in South Africa  and co-steers  an advocacy group- Immigrants Responsibility and Rights Projects (IRRP). He is passionate about Law, Politics, Social Justice and Pax Africana. He also loves literature, film and soccer.


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