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Beers from heaven!

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BeerSA Oppikoppi music festival: Drones drop beers not bombs on people.

President Obama should move over, someone has devised a more useful purpose for drones in South Africa. Instead of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS) popularly called drones to drop bombs and cause ‘shock and awe’. The organizers of South African outdoor rock music festival is using it to drop beers ordered by revelers to the place wherever they are located in the dusty Limpopo veld venue via parachute.

SANigerians online magazine learnt from a report by API, that client festival-goers place an order using a Smartphone app, and a drone zooms 15m above their heads of the to make aerial delivery.
The director of the Oppikoppi festival Carel Hoffmann said the app registers the position of users using the GPS satellite chips on their phones.

"The delivery guys have a calibrated delivery drone. They send it to the GPS position and drops it with a parachute," he explained.

The drone was built in South Africa and nicknamed "Manna" after the Old Testament-story of bread that fell from the sky to feed the Israelites travelling through the desert following their exodus from Egypt.

"It's an almost Biblical thing that beer is dropping from the sky," said Hoffmann.

The beer, free at this stage, is dropped in plastic cups and the drone is performing well.

"Every time it drops a parachute a crowd of 5 000 cheers," he said.
SANigerians online magazine commends those who have put Unmanned Aerial Vehicles into 'Godly' and good use. This is one drone strike that we all wish the U.S can drop on us all *winks*.

Sunny-Unachukwu John

See video of the drone in action below

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