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Child Marriage: Nigerian kids threathen hunger strike

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Child not_BrideIt has been reported by Guardian Nigeria that Nigerian Children in Ogun state, irked by the controversial passage of the despicable Child Marriage Bill by pedophile lawmakers operating under the shameful guise of religious freedom to lower marriageable age in the country to nine (9) years, are threathning a showdown with the Senate . If allowed, the law would permit children as young as 9 years old to get married to persons who would be as old as their grandparents.

The children have threatened hunger strike as outrage over the issue is gradually reaching a boiling point amongst citizens. The Children demanded an unreserved apology from the House of Senate for even entertaining the controversial Bill.

They spoke after a group of children had participated in a movie in Abeokuta yesterday, exposing the hardship being faced by kids who were given into early marriage.

Entitled: “Yerima: Diary of a Child,” spokesperson of the children, Miss Pascalyne Ogbuli, told journalists that “it was during the making of this film against early child marriage that we truly realised the cruelty of child-marriage, its humiliating impact and consequences on children, especially the girl-child.”

Ogbuli said: “We, therefore, decided to champion the voice against early marriage law in Nigeria and educate other children about it because we are convinced that if no one speaks boldly for us, we should be bold enough to come together and speak for ourselves because what affects one, affects all.”

Please support the courageous Ogun State kids and all children in underage marriages globally by yelling your outrage over this backward and retrogressive bill.

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