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Sarah Baartman Effect: Europe still in awe of the superior femininity of African women Featured

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Saarah Baatman__Modern_day_African_VenusI happened to be in the company of Danish friend and his wife who was visiting me in Johannesburg. On our sightseeing outing at the northern suburbs of the city, I could see my poor friend’s eye light up in elation at every street corner. Firstly, I thought that he may have been seeing gold on the pavements of the golden city . However when his wife kept smacking him on the head at every turn, I realized that his eyes were not searching for any precious metals but was straying to the voluptuous backside of most of the females passing bye.

It got me thinking about how my friend’s forbearers must have marveled at the superior femininity of the African female on landing at the shores of our continent. My mind swiftly drifted to the unfortunate case of a native woman Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman, a woman abducted from Africa in the early colonial periods and was displayed as a ‘thing’ of great sexual interest in the cities of Europe. Nicknamed ‘Hottentot Venus’ after the Greek goddess of love, most Europeans saw her beautiful and full buttocks as assets only supernatural beings could possess. Her difference was to the European, very unusual.

Familiar with the comfort provided by the female extra skin, but so unfortunate that nature was not so kind as to endow their cold clime with women of Sarah’s calibre, men with their less fortunate wives flocked to see her dehumanizing display at freak shows in Europe big cities, secretly admiring her beauty and wishing that their not so better halves had the assets of the ‘African Venus’.

That obsession has not faded in today’s world. Hollywood is full of stars trying all manners of treatments and surgeries to increase their ‘derriere’ size to that of our beloved Sarah. Europe’s secret admiration of the African woman’s figure disguised in outward disdain has been jettisoned for an insatiable quest to attain the ‘African Venus’ status a la Nicky Minaj.

My Danish friend is testament to the continuous marvel of our brother continent’s citizens at the superiority of the African female while their wives desperately keep them in check from falling into Venus’s honey pot.

To all African women and most especially South African women, I say you are extra-ordinarily endowed and beautiful.

Happy women’s month!By Sunny-Unachukwu John

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Sunny-Unachukwu John

Sunny-Unachukwu John is an avid reader and writer. A leader in the Nigerian community in South Africa and a seasoned community organiser. He is an advocate for immigrants assimilation in South Africa  and co-steers  an advocacy group- Immigrants Responsibility and Rights Projects (IRRP). He is passionate about Law, Politics, Social Justice and Pax Africana. He also loves literature, film and soccer.