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SA first lady suspected of plotting to poison President Jacob Zuma

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South African First LadySouth African media is awash with headlines that the First Lady, Nompumelelo ­Ntuli-Zuma, has allegedly admitted to knowing about a plot to ­poison the President (her husband).

A weekly newspaper reported that they learnt from four well-placed sources, both in law enforcement and family circles, that President Jacob Zuma’s estranged wife, known as MaNtuli, will soon be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

According to reports, about five months ago, she was said to have been banned from their Nkandla home following claims of a plot to poison him.

A source close to the Zuma family said suspicions about a possible poison plot surfaced when the President became very ill in June of last year.

A law enforcement insider was quoted as saying, “At some point, we noticed that ubaba was very sick and it had nothing to do with the routine checkups. He was really sick.”

Following this, Zuma apparently suspected his immediate family, after he was diagnosed by US and Russian doctors, since they were the only ones who had access to his food.

When it became clear that he had been poisoned, suspicion fell on his wives. Most blame was directed on MaNtuli, whose relationship with him had been a troubled one.

It all started when the marriage was rocked by infidelity after MaNtuli allegedly cheated on Zuma with her bodyguard, Phinda Thomo (who was subsequently found dead in his home not long after), a few years ago.

Details of the alleged affair made headlines after a letter, supposedly written by concerned family ­members, was sent to a local newspaper.

The family defended MaNtuli, disputing any wrongdoing on her behalf.

Informants close to the family have seemingly confirmed that the first lady was then thrown out after the President suspected her of involvement in attempts to poison him.

Furthermore, the Presidency has refused to comment on the claims saying only that MaNtuli is still his spouse.

zuma and wives

Picture: President  Zuma with his wives MaNtuli is pictured second from the left.


The supposed plot to kill the President reared its head in February 2015, after MaNtuli had been thrown out of the Presidential home.

At the time, neither the presidency nor the police would confirm or deny the allegations. In light of that, authorities are still going after MaNtuli’s alleged accomplices. It is believed they include an extravagant KwaZulu-Natal businessman.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is in possession of the case docket and is being dealt with by senior prosecutors. Law enforcement sources have revealed that MaNtuli made a statement and in it, “some very interesting names” were mentioned.

Another source splurged that “This [plot] was big”.

A well-placed law enforcement official said: "It’s true. She is going to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She hasn’t been charged because we haven’t been able to nab the man [or] people who are behind the plot."

A national newspaper revealed that, amidst the investigation, she supposedly cracked under pressure and confessed to knowing about the plot.

“She, in not so many words, admitted that she was behind the plot and she was kicked out of Nkandla because she was a threat,” said a family associate.

“She was told to take all her belongings and leave Nkandla. She is only allowed there if she is there to bring the children.”

Sources close to the Zuma family said they believe, even though the motive for the plot was still unknown, MaNtuli was drawn into it while on a business trip to the US last year.

While there, she was apparently “wooed by the plotters, who allegedly offered her money to facilitate Zuma’s murder.”

“They wooed her because she had direct access to the President. Money exchanged hands, a lot of it ... The deal was to kill the President,” said a law enforcement insider.

Upon her return, the family became more suspicious after they stated she went on to buy a house in an area in Pietermaritzburg, and had apparently treated "her loyal friends to a three-week stay in a five-star Durban hotel." A law enforcement source reveals that the money was 'driving her crazy'.

Even though she has been denied all privileges, she still has her VIP security detail to monitor her movements.

A family insider says the reason for this is: “so we will always know where she is.”

It is said that the President is also keeping her within the marital fold because “she is fine where she is, where we can monitor her”.

However, MaNtuli’s laywers, BDK Attorneys, recently released a statement which stated that she denied involvement in, or knowledge of, such a plot.

"Our client has not 'crumbled and confessed' to having any knowledge of any plot to poison her husband," BDK Attorneys director Ulrich Roux explained.



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